Customer From Sicklerville New Jersey brought in a Dodge Challenger

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A very good customer of ours from Sicklerville New Jersey brought in a Dodge Challenger for window tinting. After having us install Formula Once Classic on his Dodge Viper he decided since this is his daily driver he wants some more protection. He decided to go with Llumar’s CTX film because it’s a ceramic window film that’s going to block out more heat and keep his interior cooler. We installed CTX 15% on the rear and 30% on the front windows.

Ocean City New Jersey Resident Travels To Shift Innovations

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This customer was searching for a reputable window tinting company, he had many options but he wanted a company that specialized in auto tinting not just offered it. He said he found many shops but they also did car audio, detailing, accessories ect. When he found Shift Innovations he drove up from Ocean City New Jersey to check out our shop and go over his options. After a few emails we schedule his car and he had us install Formula One Pinnacle 5% on the rear window and 15% on the sides of his 2017 Honda Fit.

2016 Chevrolet Stingray receives Clear Bra (PPF)

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We received a call from a local body shop about installing a clear bra on a Corvette. This beautiful 2016 Chevrolet Stingray had been in an accident and now needed to have a new clear bra installed. We installed LLumar’s Platinum Paint Protection Film to the front and rear bumpers as well as the head lights. A week later the owner of the car shows up at our shop to tell us how happy he is with the work we did on his car. He said clear bra he had on prior to the accident was good but you could see all the cuts and edges. He said I cant see it now, you did an amazing job!

Audi A6 from Vineland, NJ Receives Window Tint

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The owner of this brand new 2017 Audi A6 from Vineland New Jersey was looking for the best window film on the market, so she contacted Shift Innovations about Formula One Pinnacle. She wanted a classy look for her Audi and didn’t want to attract too much attention with a dark window film. We showed her several other Audi’s that we’ve tinted so she could get an idea of what her car would look like after the film was installed. She decided to go with the Pinnacle 30% of the full car and she told us she couldn’t be happier. Here is her review – “I wanted to get the best tint for my new car. Shift innovations had exactly that. And, Brad made the experience even better. Courteous and professional service with a great product and fair pricing. Can’t ask for anything more!!!


Audi R8 Receives Formula One Classic 15% Window Film

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The owner of this Audi R8 traveled to Shift Innovations located in Voorhees, N.J. from Powerhaus Performance in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Their customer just wanted to add some style to an already head turning vehicle. We tinted the side windows with Formula One Classic 15%. She’s simply stunning now.

2016 Audi A6 Receives Formula One Pinnacle Window Film

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We previously tinted this customers son’s Audi A3 so when he bought his brand new 2016 Audi A6 with the black optic package he called Shift Innovations and booked an appointment. The customer had two goals in mind, block out as much heat as possible while maintaining a classy look. We recommended Formula One Pinnacle 30% and after the heat demonstration as well as showing him other examples of cars we’ve done with that film he decided to go with it on the full car. The customer was very pleased with the end result.Audi A6 With Window Tint

Ocean City New Jersey Customer Travels to Shift Innovations

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This customer drove from Ocean City New Jersey to Shift Innovations in Voorhees New Jersey to get his windows tinted.

The customer read our reviews on Google and said he knew this was the best place for him to get his windows tinted in South Jersey. Once he arrived for his appointment he quickly realized he had many options. We walked him through the benefits to each of our films and showed him the heat demo at the end so he can feel how much heat some of the films can reduce. He opted to go with our Formula Pinnacle 15% for 2 reasons, he loved how much heat was blocked by the film and because the 15% would match the factory glass on his 2018 Jaguar F-Pace.

Voorhees NJ Audi S6 Owner Visits Shift Innovations

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A previous customer from Voorhees, NJ came into Shift Innovations with his Sepang Blue Pearl Effect/Mugello Blue 2016 Audi S6. On his previous S6 he had window tinting done by us just to add style to his ride. This time he wanted to block out as much heat as possible with a ceramic film. We showed him his options, Formula One Pinnacle and Formula One Stratos. We presented him with a heat demonstration so he can feel for himself the difference in the performance of the films. He chose to go with Formula One Stratos 15% which blocks out 97% of IR rays and more than 99% of UVA and UVB rays.